Michael Oakeshott

Michael Oakeshott was one of the significant conservative thinkers of the twentieth century. He was an English philosopher with interests in political philosophy, history, education, and aesthetics.

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  • On History by Michael Oakeshott

    This book was the last work published in Oakeshott's own lifetime in 1983. The overall argument Oakeshott makes is that history is a distinct mode of experience. Following Wilhelm Dilthey, Oakeshott explores the possibility of historical knowledge from a neo-Kantian…

  • The Voice of Liberal Learning by Michael Oakeshott

  • Experience and Its Modes by Michael Oakeshott

  • Rationalism in Politics by Michael Oakeshott

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  • Rationalism in Politics by Michael Oakeshott

    Michael Oakeshott's essay first appeared in The Cambridge Journal (vol. 1, 1947). Although it is divided into five separate parts and touches upon several subjects, the essay primarily is about an examination of rationalism and the political manifestation of this…

  • On Being Conservative by Michael Oakeshott

    Oakeshott defined conservatism and demonstrates how it is part of his overall philosophy in this essay. The work itself was originally a lecture given at the University of Swansea in 1956 and first published in the original edition of Rationalism…

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  • Introduction to Political Philosophy

    Overview Political philosophy is the study of how we ought to order our lives together in order to live well: What does living well consist in?  Who belongs to the 'we' of political community?  This course will provide a semester-long introduction…