Andrew Jackson

This is a seminar led by Robert Remini is about changes that occurred in America during the age of Jackson.

From the Teaching American History website:

The focus of the seminar will be the evolutionary changes that occurred in American government and society during the Jacksonian era. It will explore the ways in which revolutionary English colonials finally emerged as Americans and moved from a republican, mainly agrarian, society to a more democratic and industrial one. In point of fact the United States changed more profoundly in these years than during any other period in its history. Not only was the physical size of the nation stretched across a 3,000 mile continent, but the government was dramatically altered, and Americans set to work to purge their society of all the abuses that disfigured it. Religion, literature, the arts, the world of business and finance--each one experienced the invigorating and sometimes catastrophic jolts that characterize this antebellum age, an age that ultimately shaped many aspects of American life today and ended in bloody civil war.

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Recording Date:
September 7, 2002
Teaching American History
95 minutes

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