A Path of Our Own: An Andean Village and Tomorrow's Economy of Values

A Path of Our Own tells the story of Pomatambo, a village in one of the poorest parts of Peru's highlands. Adam Webb brings to life the experiences of three generations of these humble peasants as they have been confronted by the modern world and tried to find a place in it. Through a land reform, a bloody Maoist insurgency, and the economic turbulence of more recent years, Pomatambo has looked for a way to break out of dire poverty while staying true to its own values and identity.

But this is much more than the story of one village. Pomatambo's tale of hard times mirrors how traditional communities all over the world have been ill served by the dominant ideologies of the twentieth century. Webb's poignant and insightful narrative demonstrates that the governments and movements of both right and left have not only failed to deliver for the rural poor, but also have assaulted much that they hold dear. He maps out a vision of how traditional communities like Pomatambo can reclaim the future rather than surrender to others' plans for them. And he imagines an economy of values that at last could bring a just and decent prosperity to the countryside of the global South--and elsewhere.

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Adam K. Webb
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(Wilmington: ISI Press, 2009)
A Path of Our Own:  An Andean Village and Tomorrow's Economy of Values