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The Problem

Our nation's most precious national treasures - the letters, speeches, and journals of our Founders - are kept in hundreds of brick libraries and archival institutions along the eastern seaboard and even Europe. These documents tell the best history of our Constitution. However, they are virtually inaccessible to "We the People," from sixth grader to Supreme Court justice, and history is largely taught and made without reference to these documents. As a result, most Americans lack inspiration to participate in "We the People," posing a threat to a government created "of, by, and for" such people.

The Solution

"We the People" can be reinvigorated and inspired to govern ourselves better by having direct access to the words of our Founders.

The Project

The Constitutional Sources Project was founded in 2005 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the singular goal of creating and maintaining the first free, fully indexed, comprehensive online library of constitutional sources.

Towards this goal, the project launched on Constitution Day, September 17, 2007 with five core founding collections containing roughly 1,000 documents. Washington's Paper's, a collection of over 10,000, was added in time for President's Day February 2008. For content addition, over 50,000 students were taught about the Constitution via webcast.

Market Landscape and Demand

ConSource is unique. No other project has searchable transcriptions, high-resolution original images, advanced searching, and scholarly certification standards for its documents. More, no other project cross-references each document to the Constitution.

Since the project launched, has had over 350,000 unique visits and been used in classrooms and courtrooms across America.

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