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Living Teachers

By RJ Snell on Monday, Nov 2 2009

In An Education for our Time, Josiah Bunting suggests that the fictional Adams College ought to hire mentors especially based on "how the candidates have lived their own lives . . . " (210).

Even more, perhaps, than their publishing record.

I wonder, should good character become an issue in hiring?—and not just the feeble "collegiality," but goodness.

Can a university in a liberal regime understand what this means, let alone enact it? But if such a university cannot understand or enact this, the moral nature of its "citizens," can the university attain its telos?

And if the university cannot attain its telos, ought it be a university?

Is it time, in other words, to admit that many universities are technical colleges? And that technical colleges are wonderful things, but decidedly not universities?