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Opportunities and Challenges in Using Core Texts, Part 2
By Glenn Moots on August 02, 2010

On the challenges of using core texts, supplementing an earlier post on the opportunies of such texts.


Opportunities and Challenges in Using Core Texts, Part 1
By Glenn Moots on July 23, 2010

Lee Trepanier and I sure enjoyed our workshop with the summer fellows and teaching faculty in Princeton.  It was a good discussion about “core texts.” These might also be called “primary sources” or even “Great Books,” depending on your discipline, context, and desired goal.

 For those of you following the blog, we thought we’d summarize our lists of opportunities and challenges that come with using core texts.  In this post, we list opportunities that core texts provide. In the next post, we’ll list some of the challenges that come with using core texts.

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Glenn Moots

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