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The Good, the Right, and Theology: A Theological-Traditionalist Critique of the Arkes-O'Brien Debate
By Peter Haworth on March 24, 2011

ISI readers will enjoy Thaddeus Kozinski's fine article, “The Good, the Right, and Theology.” This elucidates a theological-traditionalist account of ethics, and it offers an alternative resolution to contemporary debate (e.g., between Hadley Arkes and Matthew O’Brien) about competing eudaimonistic and deontological theories in moral philosophy.

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A Critique of Tocqueville's Historical Narrative On Colonial Virginia
By Peter Haworth on October 27, 2010

Great mischief in history and political theory is frequently inflicted via citing Tocqueville’s minor errors.


The Prudential Case for Robust Federalism and Limited Subsidiarity
By Peter Haworth on June 30, 2010

Many, no doubt, will initially view the above title to be mistaken. Why would someone advocate rigid federalism over the commonsense flexibility of subsidiarity? This brief essay seeks to answer this question with respect to the political unions of various polities or states.

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Peter Haworth
Peter Haworth

My name is Peter Haworth, and I am an independent scholar who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. I received my Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown University in 2008, and I am currently working on various writing projects in American Political Thought, Ethical Philosophy, and a critically sympathetic work on Distributism. My interests include American Political Development, Traditionalist Thought, Constitutional Law, Southern Americana, Virtue Ethics, Natural Law, Political Theology, and many other topics within the history of political theory.  I also frequently read economic theory (only the qualitative stuff) and follow the trends in the macro-economy. 

With me in Phoenix is my darling wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Puckett Haworth of Columbus, Mississippi, our soon-to-be-born first child, and our English Bull Dog, Lord 'Finley' Nelson. My hobbies include voracious reading, minimal gun collecting, and dreaming about our future farm that might be located in beautiful Mississippi.