Michael Schwarz

Top-Five Books in Early American History: Number Five
By Michael Schwarz on April 18, 2011

We all love to read, and we all love to talk about what we’ve read.  In an interdisciplinary association of academics, these are two things on which we all can agree.  But what exactly do we love to read?  What are the really great books in our fields, what makes them great, and why do we enjoy them so much?

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A Day at Monticello
By Michael Schwarz on March 20, 2011
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Michael Schwarz
Michael Schwarz

As an assistant professor in the Department of History and Political Science at Ashland University (Ashland, OH), I teach both sections of the U.S. History survey as well as upper-level courses primarily in Early American History.  In 2008 I completed a Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky.  My dissertation and current research interests focus on Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and U.S. Relations with Great Britain after the American Revolution.  I am also a lifelong supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  My wife and I reside in Ashland with our eleven-year-old beagle.