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The Lincoln Republican
By David Corbin on October 08, 2010

As the battle lines for the mid-term congressional election are drawn and the 2012 presidential field begins to emerge, there is all the more need to present an alternative to Obamaism that is both consistent with fundamental conservative ideals and able to respond to the growing public discontent with the present administration and congressional leadership.  To do this, Republican leaders and would-be leaders need only recover their political heritage and reclaim the founding principle of the party and the defining ideal of its first president: equal justice for all.

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Republican 101
By David Corbin on April 21, 2010

Portrait of Abraham LincolnThere is something wrong with our politics that one or two elections cannot solve. In the last three years, we have had a Republican president with a Democratic congress and a Democratic president with a Democratic congress. In the next three years, it is very possible that we will have a Democratic president with a Republican congress, followed by a Republican president with a Republican congress. And when every combination of R’s and D’s has been exhausted and all our deck chairs rearranged, our ship will still be sinking - and we with it - if we have not addressed the roots of our political disorder


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David Corbin
David Corbin

Dr. David Corbin taught courses in political philosophy, American politics, and international relations at the University of New Hampshire and Boston University before coming to teach at The King's College in 2007. His areas of academic interest include classical political philosophy, politics and literature, and American foreign policy. In 2009, Prof. Corbin co-authored A Reader's Guide to Aristotle's Politics with Judith A. Swanson and authored a book on Thucydides titled The Rise and Decline of Imperial Democracies. He is currently working on a manuscript titled Shakespeare's Prince

Prof. Corbin has participated in numerous academic and civic endeavors, including serving a term in the New Hampshire State Legislature (1998-2000), involvement in the Henry Salvatori Fellows program at the Heritage Foundation (1998), the study of liberty and literature at the Liberty Fund (1999), touring Switzerland with a delegation of 20 outstanding young American diplomats to further American-Swiss relations in the summer of 2000, as a candidate for the governorship of New Hampshire in 2002, his appointment as the 2007-2008 Julius Stratton Adams fellow by the Friends of Switzerland, Boston, and a study tour of Germany with American political, business and media leaders sponsored by the American Council on Germany (2009). He was commended for his outstanding teaching by former University of New Hampshire president Joan Leitzel in May of 2001.

Prof. Corbin's analysis of political, cultural and social trends has appeared in the Investors Business Daily, The New York Times, the Associated Press, Radio Free Europe, the French News Agency, New Hampshire Public Broadcasting, New England Cable News, and WCVB's "Chronicle," along with various news organizations in the New England area. He resides with his wife Catie in New York City and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and has three children: Alex, Catherine, and Patrick.