Patrick M. Ford

Education as Soulcraft?
By Patrick M. Ford on November 24, 2009

As a Tuesday treat, I decided to alert our readers to a post on Front Porch Republic entitled "Education as Moral Formation: A Localist Proposal." The essay (and be warned, it is definitely long enough to qualify as an essay) raises a number of points that should be interesting to Lehrman denizens.


Invasion of the Young Pragmatists
By Patrick M. Ford on July 07, 2009

Or, More Reflections on Liberal Learning.

Some recent posts and comments offer useful insights about the nature of liberal learning and the obstacles to genuine liberality in the classroom. Responding to the post "Heresy on the liberal arts?", one commentor is correct to remind us that teachers should challenge all students, and not just the "promising" ones, to take up the difficult but preeminently fulfilling pursuit of truth, and hope that each one will answer the challenge.


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