Alex Tokarev

Home, Sweet Home
By Alex Tokarev on July 24, 2009

I worked at a school that claimed to be tolerant to all ideas. It turned out that this was the case only for as long as one does not refer to the Bible as God's revelation or argue for the superiority of capitalism over all forms of socialism. Now I have found an intellectual home at the King's College. Why? Because we make no false pretenses. We know who we are and what we stand for. We stand for Christ. We stand for freedom. And that sets us apart. Apart from the moral relativist. Apart from the economic interventionist.


Tough love
By Alex Tokarev on June 22, 2009

Every fall I give the freshmen my "tough love" speech. I talk to them about my dream. A dream of a Christian school. A holy place, a temple for dissemination of knowledge about our Creator and His creation. Where teachers do not have to act like prison guards during exams. Where students understand that more sweat in training means less blood in battle. Where they come to learn to think in order to serve better their neighbors. Where the promise of a promotion, a higher grade, or a shinier sticker is not a necessary incentive for working hard. Where everyone is willing to go an extra mile not for public recognition but for the glory of God.


Why I Never "Curve"
By Alex Tokarev on April 03, 2009

Grade inflation is just as bad for the character of the student as is monetary inflation for the health of the economy. Results from my tests early in the semester are often low. Some students see me as unnecessarily cruel. I tell them that it is for their own good. In the long run. They can thank me later. That's the closest a Bulgarian comes to hugging.


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